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Bill Would Prohibit Maine Teachers from Engaging in Political Advocacy in Classroom

Teacher responds that "This institutionalizes white fragility"

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- A new bill would prohibit Maine teachers from engaging in political advocacy in the classroom.

The bill was proposed by Representative Lawrence Lockman, of Bradley, and co-sponsored by several other representatives.

It would ban teachers in Maine from engaging in political, ideological or religious advocacy in the classroom.

It would also ban teachers from introducing any controversial subject matter that is not relevant to the topic of the course being taught with penalties for violations up to and including termination of the teacher.

One teacher at Casco Bay High School tweeted:

“LD 589 proposes that ME teachers be fired for ‘singling out one racial group of students as responsible for the suffering or inequities faced by another racial group of students.’ This institutionalizes white fragility & sry, teaching is never apolitical.”

The superintendent of Portland public schools then tweeted:

“Portland public school teachers have a First Amendment guarantee and a professional obligation to teach controversial subjects without fear.”

A public hearing on this bill is expected next week.