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Chicago Principal Invites Anti-Cop Activist to Speak to Students on Career Day

Mary Beth Cunat, a principal in the Chicago Public Schools, garnered widespread criticism and outrage when she invited an extreme anti-police activist who is known for his violent cop-bashing rhetoric to speak to middle school students on “Career Day.”

That anti-police activist is Ethan Ethos, a self-described “radical,” who calls cops “pigs” and has posted comments such as “F HIM [and] HIS FAMILY” after a Chicago police commander was killed execution-style last February.

In spite of these violent and outrageous comments, Principal Cunat extended a personal invitation to Ethos to speak to her students in grades 6 to 8 at Wildwood Elementary School.

Linda Ricciardi, a parent of three children at the school who were forced to listen to Ethos’ rantings, reports: “He told them all the police are bad and all the police wanted to kill people… I was very disappointed that someone would come into this school and preach hate about the police. Or, even if he was talking about someone else, I would still be upset.”

Principal Cunat wrote a letter of apology to parents stating  “I was present when his narrative took a negative turn about policing, at which point I immediately intervened… I care about your children and would never intentionally expose them to or endorse this type of negativity.”  She also made a sudden decision to retire.

View the Fox News video below for more information and commentary.