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High School Violates the Constitution, Law by Refusing to Recognize Conservative Student Club

Will get sued if it doesn’t fix discriminatory policies by month’s end

This article was originally published in The College Fix

Luke Wong has been trying to start a Young Americans for Freedom club at New York’s Harrison High School for more than a year. The school has repeatedly rebuffed him, despite recognizing nearly three dozen student clubs, including the Gay Straight Alliance.

He’s done asking for permission to exercise his constitutional and statutory rights.

The Alliance Defending Freedom warned Harrison Central School District in a letter Tuesday that it would be sued if it did not recognize the conservative club by mid-month and remove its discriminatory policies around club recognition by month’s end.

The high school’s excuse has changed every time Wong formally sought approval, in spring and fall last year and spring 2020, according to the letter. Assistant Principal Laurie Griffo (below) denied him on the basis that the YAF club was “outside of school,” meaning affiliated with the national Young America’s Foundation. She said she didn’t approve the several recognized clubs with external affiliation at the school.