Stop K-12 Indoctrination

Minnesota High School Freshman Exposes Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

Future leader trades woke indoctrination for a private, Christian education.

In an address to his local school board that has quickly gone viral, 15-year-old Brad Taylor, a student at Rosemount High School in Minnesota, delivered a brutal takedown of his school district's divisive emphasis on racist Critical Race Theory over education, before announcing he is leaving the district for a private, Christian school.

In his succinct and hard-hitting speech, Taylor lambasted the administrators and teachers at his high school who pushed critical race theory and leftist propaganda on students while thwarting any attempts to question these radical doctrines.

"Despite the board's attempt to deny it, District 196 schools are quickly becoming a place where promoting activism is actually more important than promoting education," Taylor asserted.

When Taylor questioned the validity of the school's "equity statement" which singles out specific races and characteristics for special consideration, he was told "Whites have a pretty good situation right now" and that objecting to the statement on the grounds that it didn't represent all students was "outlandish and offensive."

"So is that not racism?" Taylor asked. "Disregarding my question merely because of the color of my skin? To be honest, after enduring a year of the people in charge telling me that I'm a racist and I'm privileged and pointing out our irreversible differences, I've never noticed race more. And it's becoming the first thing I notice when I meet someone which has never before been the case."

While Taylor himself has bravely spoken out against the radical climate at RHS, he is a rare minority--though not because others don't agree with him. "I know many kids who disagree with their teachers but they are too scared to stand up because they are worried their grades will be docked and their learning experience will be affected," he said. Teachers at the school have also confided in him that they share his distaste for the woke curriculum, but can't voice their objections publicly for fear of reprisals.

Nor did the indoctrination at RHS end with critical race theory. Taylor described how his honors government teacher claimed that "Democrats care more about all people while Republicans only care about themselves" and also inferred that "socialism is better than democracy" and had a statue of a socialist leader in the classroom.

"There is clearly only one way to think in this district and that is that they are teaching their kids to shut up if they don't agree. Now members of the board, I want you to take a good look at yourselves in the mirror tonight and ask are you really standing up for the equality of all people. Or are you just pushing a damaging political ideology on our students," Taylor continued.

"Due to all these instances that I have mentioned and many more that I cannot fit into this five minute speech I have decided to leave this district and continue school on a private Christian school online," Taylor concluded. "There will be sacrifices....but I will be able to learn in an environment that is not intent on punishing me daily for my skin color and political views."

Watch Brad Taylor's courageous speech in full HERE.